DWI / DUI Defense

When dealing with a DWI charge, it is important to understand that you must not answer questions by law enforcement until you have legal representation. Many individuals do not understand that it does them absolutely no good to try to be friendly or chatty with a law enforcement officer. The officer wants to arrest you for the charge.

What you say will be used against you later. The first thing to do is contact Monroe, NC DWI defense lawyer Richard L. Brown, Jr. as soon as is possible after the arrest!

There are many options in the defense of a drunk driving charge, even when there are earlier convictions or when an accident occurred that led to your arrest. Police may assume that driving while impaired is the cause of the accident, but in many cases it has been proven by independent investigation that another individual caused the accident.

  dwi / dui attorney

Whatever your situation is, Union County Criminal Defense Attorney Richard L. Brown would like to get the details of your case to advise you how to best move forward with a defense on your behalf. The sooner you call, the sooner your case can be resolved.

If you or a loved one has been charged with DWI in Union, Anson, Mecklenburg or surrounding counties, please contact us for a FREE impaired driving defense evaluation!

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