Federal Crimes

The Federal Government is increasingly prosecuting criminal conduct before federal courts that was traditionally charged and litigated as state crime. This often means increased terms of imprisonment and a longer time incarceration before release.

Federal investigations are normally complicated and take considerable time, therefore suspects often know they are under investigation by federal law enforcement officials.

  federal crimes lawyer

It is important for suspects to be represented by counsel during a federal criminal investigation because they can often minimize their criminal exposure or avoid certain charges all together.

Understanding that each client sees his or her case as a potentially life altering situation and that this often will be the most important case of their life, The Law Offices of Richard L. Brown, Jr. are dedicated to providing aggressive, thorough and ethical representation which demands everything legally possible is done to defend his client.

In the end, whether it be a lengthy jury trial, negotiating a favorable plea agreement or a pursuing a complicated appeal, Attorney Brown's clients know they have a dedicated and experienced federal criminal lawyer representing their interests.

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